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The Crossbow Alternative: The Lock-a-Draw Draw keep on Your Bow for Youth, Elderly, Women, and the Disabled.  Convert your compound bow into a "vertical crossbow".

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Advantages of the Lock-a-Draw
Over the Traditional Crossbow

  • Less expensive 

  • Easier to draw

  • Easier to carry

  • Quieter

  • Accurate

  • Sights and shoots like the compound bow it is.

  • Gives a true archery experience, not rifle like.

  • The Lock-a-Draw plus your bow is lighter than a crossbow.

  • Use the same targets and 3D ranges along with other archers with compounds.

  • Does not modify your bow.  Shoot with the Lock-a-Draw or traditionally.

  • Mounts on the quiver mounting block on your bow sight.

  • Fits any bow with a sight that allows a bow mounted quiver.

An Elegantly Simple Alternative to the Crossbow:
The Lock-a-Draw

Features of the Lock-a-Draw

  • Weighs only about 1/2 lb, 8.3 oz for a 28" draw.

  • Draw with both hands and feet--even a 10 yr old has drawn
    my 62# bow this way.  A 12 yr old and a 91 yr old have drawn my 70#.

  • Extremely accurate.

  • Has a positive safety.  The trigger cannot be pulled until the button
    safety is held down.  You cannot forget to engage the safety!

  • Does not modify your bow in any way, attaches at the bow sight.

  • Fits any bow with standard bow sight with quiver mounting holes.

  • Carries on a bow mounted quiver along with your arrows as shown.

  • Use almost any arrow rest including the drop-away type.

To purchase the Lock-a-Draw visit the Sales Page

You gals, quit ceding the high powered bow advantage to the guys.  With the Lock-a-Draw draw keep you too can shoot a 70# or 80# bow.

Unsolicited Testimonials

George, owner of Wilderness Archery Outfitters
George called to order a second Lock-a-Draw and dropped a verbal bomb,  He said he won the 2014 IBO National Championship in the physically challenged class (use of adaptive equipment) using the Lock-a-Draw!  He has a shoulder problem that now prevents him from drawing his bow, and purchased a Lock-a-Draw back in 2012.


John from Westby, WI
John called asking if he could special order an extra Lock-a-Draw rod in case his got damaged.  In the call he was very complimentary about his Lock-a-Draw  I asked if I could put his comments on my website, and he replied, "I will send a testimonial with my check".  Here is what he wrote:  The Lock-a-Draw is the best bow accessory I've ever purchased.  It has it all: quality product, flawless and consistent long term performance and exemplary tech support..  You must try this product out before even considering switching over to the crossbow as it's hands down a much better option.


Francis from Halfway, OR
His wife ordered a Lock-a-Draw.  Francis called saying, "Thank you, Mr. Sandel, for your wonderful product.  My wife has developed Parkinsons and has been having trouble shooting her bow..  Archery has been her passion for major part of her life, and your Lock-a-Draw has allowed her to continue the sport she loves.  Our local bow shop sells a similar product, but it is ridiculously heavy.  Your product is far superior..... "   The occasion for the call was to order two bow rests.


More Testimonials


The Lock-a-Draw draw keep, like the crossbow, confers a great advantage upon the hunter and greatly increases the chances of harvesting game.  Drawing a bow in the presence of game often results in spooking the animal.  Because of the need to be much closer to game, even the scrape of cloth on cloth or the scrape of the arrow in the arrow rest is often heard, and your movement is detected.  Once detected you only have about one second before the animal bolts.  Having the bow already drawn greatly limits the motion needed to get a shot off.  This is particularly true if the bow is in a Bow Rest, hanging nearly vertically in front of you just waiting to be fired.  The bow rest is discussed on the Disabled Bowhunting page.

Disabled Archery

Aging and disabled archers often "graduate" to a crossbow because they can no longer draw their bow, but there is better alternative.  Convert your compound bow into a vertical crossbow with the Lock-a-Draw draw keep.  It has significant advantages over a crossbow for those who possess and previously used a compound bow. It is the ideal solution for the disabled archer.  Don't let shoulder problems, age, or other health related issues keep you from participating in the sport of archery.  With the Lock-a-Draw draw keep you can use a powerful bow that you could never draw in the usual manner.  You draw the bow with hands and feet like the usual crossbow.  It can even be drawn from a wheel chair with certain modifications to the chair. 

The Lock-a-Draw comes with a bow mounted quiver that holds the draw keep as well as the arrows for carrying.  The Lock-a-Draw mounting plate has the same pins as the bow mounted quiver and replaces the quiver on the quiver mounting block which is attached at the front sight.  Since it mounts on the sight, it does not modify your compound bow in any way.  The bowstring is pulled to the string catch using a foot stirrup when standing or between hands and feet when sitting (as in a tree stand).  An arrow is nocked, and the bow is ready to fire with a slight pull of the trigger.  The string catch is spring biased to the latched (cocked) position and the safety is always on except when the button is pressed to allow firing.  More detailed information and pictures of the Lock-a-Draw and quiver are found on the Lock-a-Draw Details. page.

Disabled archers who lack the ability to draw a high powered bow in the traditional manner may also have trouble holding a bow steady with the extended arm.  A simple solution to this problem is to use a shooting stick.  This is nothing more than a dowel or slender stick that is held in the bow hand along with the bow to support the bow and archer's arm while aiming and firing.  This is explained further in the Using a Shooting Stick page.  The shooting stick is not practical in a hunting situation because it requires too much movement.  For hunting the Bow Rest is the ideal solution.  It holds the bow in a ready position out in front of you while waiting for game, and you fire the bow while in the bow rest.  It takes the weight of the bow and your arm while steadying the bow like a shooting rail does for a rifle.  The Bow Rest is described more fully on the Disabled Bowhunting page.

Virtually all states allow disabled archers to apply for a permit to  use a crossbow or a draw keep in their archery hunting season.  A draw keep equipped bow is considered a crossbow in the regulations.  Information on the use of the Lock-a-Draw drawkeep for bowhunting is found on the Disabled Bowhunting page.


   Lock-a-Draw Details    Using a Shooting Stick    Disabled Bowhunting     Sales Page

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